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    Improving Education

    I have noticed a news that a project is planned to increase the rate of students to enroll in a college. There are two proposals on the table. One proposal is to open a regular trip for people to visit college campuses, the other one is to invite a few of the graduate students to talk about their experiences. Both of them are very good ideas; however, only one proposal can be considered. I agree that inviting graduate students can provide a strong impact for the immigrants, the elderly and the high school graduate students, who all lack of experience of college life.

    Immigrants lack of self-confident. They don’t have a lot of friends in this country. When they have a hard time, they don’t want to discuss with other people because of the language obstacle. They feel embarrassed about talking in front of the native English speaker. Therefore, they never think about going to study in a college where they can find new friends and improve their English. A lot of graduate students who are immigrants, they can be the one to invite the show and to provide a convincing suggestion for the immigrants. If this proposal is allowed, immigrants will get more friends and improve their English in a college life. They won’t feel scared.

    Most of the elderly are uneducated, and they are worrying about their studying abilities. I have read a news about an elderly finished her master degree at her age of 70. She said that due to her family poverty, she was dropout in high school and got a full time job, in order to support her family. She liked reading different kind of book in her lecture time, and going to a college was her dream. When she was 60, she decided to study in a college. It was hard for her to go back to school, but she didn’t give up. Consequently, she succeeded her dream. She shows a great example for the unknowledgeable elderly that aging doesn’t a matter to be a student.

    Teenagers are confused their goals. For many high school graduate students, they didn’t go to college. Either they expect to get into the society, or they don’t want to study. Probably they don’t know if they do not have a college degree, they are difficult to get a high paid job. After I graduated in high school, I just got a full time job in a restaurant. I didn’t know how important of earning a college degree since nobody explained to me that what the qualifications of getting a job in a high position. Until, few years ago, I understood that earning a college degree was more important and necessary. A lot of teenagers also have experienced this situation. To prevent this issue happen, the better way is to advice them how the job market is and to encourage them to study in a college.

    On the other hand, open house is not partially. A lot of high schools are provided a d ay trip to be allowed teacher accompany with their students to visit various college campuses. And most of the colleges have several time open houses annually. Seemingly, this activity doesn’t help to increase the rate of college student.

    In conclusion, people require more advice, encouragement and a model role, to strength their self confidence and give them a positive message which means the more people attend and listen to a talk show, the more people go to a college.

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    Re: Improving Education

    I read in the news a project planned to increase college student enrollment rates. There are two proposals on the table. One proposal is to offer tours of college campuses. The other is to invite graduate students to schools to talk about their experiences at college. Both ideas are very good; however, only one proposal will be considered. Inviting graduate students to speak would be my choice because it would have a strong impact on immigrant high school graduates, especially those who would never have had the chance to study at college in their home countries.

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