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    Arrow by prince philip

    we now look upon it as including those countries which use english as an inter-Commonwealth language. i include "pidgin-english" in this, even though i am referred to in that splendid language as "Fella belong Mrs Queen".--Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

    i'm completely confused by this sentence. anyone can help me understand it? thanks.

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    Re: by prince philip

    not a teacher.

    'We now look upon it..'

    You need to quote more of the preceding text for us to understand what 'it' means.

    I think Prince Philip was talking about the Commonwealth countries (former colonies of Great Britain) which use the English language in various forms among each other including those in less developed countries where English is not the main language.

    The 'splendid language' that Prince Philip was referring to was Pidgin-English. It is a simplified form of English used by non-native speakers of English in the Commonwealth countries which contain a mixture of English and other local languages i.e. impure form of English or broken English which do not follow the rules of grammar. Prince Philip was making a joke about people calling him 'fella belong Mrs Queen'. Prince Philip is the Queen (Elizabeth II)'s husband but the locals, being poor in English, did not know how to address him or describe his relationship with the Queen properly. 'Fella belong Mrs Queen' could be a loose translation from their native language which presumably means 'the man who is married to the Queen.
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    Re: by prince philip

    Prince Philip is held to be a god by one group, who follow a sort of cargo cult religion.

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