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    HI,my name is Diana,tomorrow I have to do an important English exam,with some exercises,now I was practising,and If you could check my mistakes I would be very grateful!

    -Sunday mornings I usually stay home to study
    -I had already come to that disco
    -I hate doing housewrok when It's boiling outside
    -I love this dress,I think I'll buy It.
    -Diets are the worst thing ever
    -Could you borrow me your notebook?I'll give It back.

    There are any mistakes?Thank you..

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    Re: exam

    On Sunday mornings, I usually stay home and study.

    I have already been to that disco.

    I hate doing housework when it's boiling hot outside.

    I love this dress. I think I'll buy It.

    Diets are the worst thing(s) ever.

    Could you lend me your notebook? I'll give it back.

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