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    Question Which level does band 5(in the IELTS exam)correspond to?

    I have started to teach IELTS recently.My student has to get band 5 in order to be able to get visa for Australia.We covered all grammar,did various exercises concerning Listening,Reading,Writing and Speaking part,but since she never studied English before,I am having difficulty to urge her to talk as much as she has learned.My student got 4.5 the last time she sat for the IELTS exam.
    Any suggestions what to do next?Which level does band 5(in the IELTS exam) correspond to?Thank you in advance,regards!

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    Re: Which level does band 5(in the IELTS exam)correspond to?

    A Band 5 is around a grade 10 and 12 (high school); a Band 6 undergraduate (university), and a Band 7 post-graduate (master's). Note! Schools differ on the scores they accept.

    Try these sites:


    IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 Videos
    IELTS part 2 Speaking Exam video scripts

    IELTS Preparation Video (YouTube)
    IELTS Preparation Video - Useful Stuff : Getting Down under

    IELTS Handbook 2007
    RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting

    Here is a list of things that the IELTS examiner is looking for:

    Fluency & Coherence
    –Being able to talk at a natural speed without unnatural pauses.
    –Being able to link ideas and language together clearly.

    Lexical Resource
    –Having sufficient vocabulary on familiar and unfamiliar topics.
    –Being able to deal with unknown or difficult vocabulary.

    –Being able to use stress and intonation naturally.
    –Not causing problems in what is being said.

    Grammatical Range & Accuracy
    –Making as few grammatical mistakes as possible.
    –Being understood despite grammatical mistakes
    –Being able to use a variety of grammatical structures appropriately

    Did the candidate use part of the question in the answer? (good)

    Was the candidate searching for the right idea? (good)
    Was the candidate searching for the right word? (not good)

    1.Does the candidate's answer have a main point?
    2.Did the candidate give a reason?
    3.Did the candidate provide an example?
    4.Did the candidate close with the main point?

    Students perform 10 main language tasks during the IELTS Speaking

    Tasks Examples
    1. Expressing a Preference I would much rather …
    2. Narrating When I was …
    3. Comparing and Contrasting A is not quite …
    4. Suggesting One possibility I can think of …
    5. Expressing Opinions This is only my opinion, but …
    6. Justifying Opinions The reason I believe this is …
    7. Speculating It's hard to predict, but
    8. Analyzing There are several points to consider
    9. Summarizing Considering all of these points, …
    10. Conversation Repair What I mean to say is …

    Other speech functions may emerge during the test, but they are
    not forced by the test structure.

    All the best

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