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    motivation letter

    Hi everybody i have to write a Phd motivation letter but my english is so poor i will be very thankful if somone help me to improuve the following letter or at least some advices. many thanks

    I graduated with an Master's Research Degree in Computer Science, Telecommunication and Engineering from the National Higher School of Computer Science and Systems Analysis at Mohammed V University (the first engineering school in Morocco), in 2004 I obtained a Bachelor's in Computer Science at the faculty of science of Mohammed V University in Rabat and in 2002 I finished a university degree in Mathematics and physics in Mohammed I university in Oujda.

    Actually I am working as a Networking engineer in Morocco Telecommunication after nearly 1 year in Alcatel-Lucent working as an Intelligent Networks Engineer at Moroccan R&D research centre, and I am preparing myself to pursue a PhD in [].
    The master of research Iíve studied was a preparation for multidisciplinary research, based on physics, electronics, mathematical, and computational background. We were introduced to gain insight into research works in several topics of engineering; information theory, telecommunication and other fields. And I was always capable of providing an intense effort of adaptation and learning to successfully manipulate new notions and techniques.

    I am Aware of the challenge represented by choosing [] in terms of need for adaptation to new tools and manners of research; however I believe in my ability and will to point my scientific background and experience in such a multidisciplinary and promising research area, a choice that fits best my objectives and ambitions.

    As [] University has important research activities in this area, I would like to be given the opportunity to be one of its prestigious research groups. I am sure that my passion to computer science related research fields, along with my skills, knowledge and competence would make me a valuable member of your research team, Hence I would appreciate if you consider my application for developing a PhD under your supervision.

    I am at your service for further information and clarifications, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Re: motivation letter

    I graduated with a master's research degree in computer science, telecommunication and engineering from the National Higher School of Computer Science and Systems Analysis at Mohammed V University (the first engineering school in Morocco). In 2004, I obtained a bachelor's degree in computer science from Mohammed V University in Rabat, and in 2002, I received a degree in mathematics and physics from Mohammed I University in Oujda.
    At present, I am working as a networking engineer for Morocco Telecommunication ...
    Academic degrees are capitalized only when the full name of the degree is used, such as Bachelor of Arts or Master of Social Work. General references, such as bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree, are not capitalized.
    He earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1989.
    He earned a bachelor's degree in 1989.

    Source: Writing for and about WMU

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