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    Bargain vs moderate

    Hello. In the following multiple-choice exercise:
    "Here is a wonderful opportunity at a .............. cost to visit the truly remarkable island of Cuba."
    A cheap B moderate C bargain D small
    The answer-key gives B moderate as the only possible answer. However, I had done a search in google and found quite a few instances of "bargain cost", so why is this incorrect? As usual, thank you for your help.

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    Re: Bargain vs moderate

    not a teacher

    at a moderate cost (moderate - adjective)
    at a bargain (very cheap price) - the word 'cost' is not required, 'bargain' is used as a noun

    I'm surprised that you said there's 'bargain cost'.

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    Re: Bargain vs moderate

    However, you can say "bargain price", which, in fact, is a strong collocation. So you can also use "bargain" before a noun.

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