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    What movies are acceptable learning material?

    Because English is a mandatory school subject here in Japan and without many practical applications many of the corporate employees I teach see English as little more than a necessary evil. I, however, always encourage my students to take an active stance in their learning and recommend that they try to make a personal connection with the language and the community that speaks it. I remind them that English is more than just a series of increasingly difficult grammar tests and that everything from baseball to art can be discussed and appreciated in English and with English speaking people.

    Some students listen, others don't. One student bit, but said that, while he enjoyed movies and often watched Hollywood productions, trying to apply this particular hobby felt above his level as well as removed from the business English which he studies and uses. He requested some resources towards finding English language movies that would be accessible, especially in terms of slang. He is a middle aged man working in an Japanese based but international pharmaceutical company and though he has children his youngest is already in middle school. His interests and circumstances preclude children's movies - the goal is enjoyable exposure, not to be patronized or babied. His level in low-intermediate for comprehension, though beginner in terms of output; an all too common byproduct of the Japanese education system.

    Of course, I suggested watching movies he already knew well (had seen in Japanese), watching with both audio and English subtitles, and making ample use of the rewind button. I figured that, as far as USA standards go, PG-13 might be a reasonable mix of entertainment for adults and cleaner, slightly simpler language, but that certainly covers too much ground. I'm fishing here for lists or recommendations, additional resources, or past experiences in utilizing non-teaching movies for language practice. Please also keep in mind that I won't be able to watch the movies with him.

    Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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    Re: What movies are acceptable learning material?

    What about dramas and sitcoms?

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