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    in/on the morning

    Hello everyone,

    I was doing some exercises and found the sentence below;

    "My friend arrived early in the morning of Sunday, the 25th."

    In its explanation, it is said that the sentence's focusing on "Time" and "the morning" , so use "in", or something like that in Japanese.

    I know you use "in" for parts of the day, but I think I read some grammer book and it is said that if you want to mention about a particular day, you use "on" (I'm not sure which grammer book I read). And I actually found an example sentence "On the evening of May the 1st" in the Oxford Dictionary.

    I also had a chance to ask someone from England and US, and the english chose "on" for the sentence, but the American chose "in" for that.

    So I was very much confused. I think it is not a big problem, but I want to make it sure which is correct and/or common and also want to know rules regarding this matter, if any.

    Thank you very much for your help in advance!!

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    Re: in/on the morning

    Yes, if you want to refer to any part of the day on a specific day, use "on."

    He'll arrive on the morning of the 25th.

    But: He'll arrive on the 25th, sometime in the late morning. That's because you're adding the part about "in the morning" as additinal information.

    When the word order is "on the [time of day] on the [date]" do use "on."

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