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    Exclamation 'Cut the sweet stuff. Easy now...' What does it mean?

    'Cut the sweet stuff. Easy now...' This is a line from the movie 'Garfield', when Garfield tries to wake Jon up, the man cuddled with it. and Garfield said out this sentence. what does it mean?

    'sweet stuff' is sth like candies? but what does the whole words mean? it seems no relationship with candies~~~

    I'm not English native, please give out an description of its meaning.

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    Re: 'Cut the sweet stuff. Easy now...' What does it mean?

    I am not a teacher.

    "Sweet" also means pleasant, nice, agreeable.

    "Cut the sweet stuff" means "stop being nice".

    "Sweet" meaning "nice" is (in this case) an adjective - a word which expresses an attribute of something.

    However "sweet" meaning "candy" is a noun, a different kind of word altogether. (Generally, British people use "sweet" and Americans use "candy".)

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    Re: 'Cut the sweet stuff. Easy now...' What does it mean?

    The man cuddling Garfield is being affectionate to him. In England, where we might be embarrassed by such a display of affection, we might say, "Stop being so soppy" or "Cut out the soppiness'
    Other expressions might be, "Cut out the sweet talk - you won't get round me that way. I'm still furious at you."
    So when Jon cuddles him, he tells him to 'cut it out', 'cut out the being sweet stuff and just get up!"

    "Easy now' is just continuing this - 'easy now with all this hugging' = 'cut it out'; 'not so much of all this stroking and being affectionate'.
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    Re: 'Cut the sweet stuff. Easy now...' What does it mean?

    Thank u very much!~~~I got what I need!~~ Many thanks to the answerers above!~~

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