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I'm glad I can offer a credible explanation. Back in the 70's the song "Smooth Operator" was extremely popular where I live. I had an excellent English teacher at that time, with whom we used to analyse and explain lyrics of various pop and rock songs (sometimes a challenging task, even for a native speaker, I was told!).

In "Smooth Operator" the title expression means 'a skilled and experienced lover'. If you listen to the song carefully you'll find the above explanation well grounded.

BTW, the singer's name is spelled Sade Ado, Shadei being a close phonetic equivalent.

Regards to all - T.K.

Thanks Tomasz, that's very interesting and I believe you 100% that it indeed refers to a lover. After all, the question WAS about that particular song! If you look that word up on the web, it can mean so many different things...it can be a name for an orbital sender, a Jazz musician or a cell phone. Boy, I suppose there is a wide range of meanings associated with that phrase.

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