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    need a help

    1) We should have thanked him FOR THE GIFT. The capital letters of the sentence is:

    a) Direct object
    b) Adverb
    c)Adverb prepositional phrase
    d)Object complement

    2) NEITHER of the flight attendant was busy. Which part of the speech is in capital letter :

    a)Relative pronoun
    b)Indefinite pronoun
    c)Correaltive conjuction
    d)Sub-ordinate conjuction

    3) AFTER WE EAT OUR DINNER,we will play at cards. The capital part of sentence is :

    a) Noun clause
    b)Adjective clause
    c)Adverb phrase
    d)Adverb clause

    4) WHAT SHE DOES is not your concern.The capital part is :

    a) Noun phrase
    b)Noun clause
    c)Adjective clause
    d)Participial Clause

    5) Have you ever met that man, DAVID'S FATHER ? The capital part of sentence is :

    a)Possessive adjective
    b)Direct object
    c)Appositive phrase
    d)Gerund phrase

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    Re: need a help

    Please tell us which you would select, and we can then agree or advise you.


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