I'm wondering if staff members, contributors and administrators have come up with a UsingEnglish book. Like a book that summarizes or contains every detail about grammar, style, usage, puctuation, and all. Or a book that contains pretty much everything in this forum/ask-a-teacher. I think a book made exclusively by UsingEnglish would DEFINITELY help learners of English especially those who don't have computers or those who don't have time to surf the net in other countries. And people won't have a hard time picking the best grammar/English book in a bookstore considering that there are more and more publishers and writers who really are not good in English, hence, learners get confused and they don't know which book is really good and credible. Some are deceiving. Some books have incomplete information. Some just have good covers and lay-outs. I guess coming up with a UsingEnglish book is the best idea.