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Thread: go off

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    go off

    I want to know if " go off " has the meaning of "emothinal outburst".

    If so, could you give me an example sentence ?

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    Re: go off

    There is a section on this forum which lists phrasal verbs.
    I would also suggest a good dictionary for such queries.

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    Re: go off

    There is indeed:
    But the fourth definition (Go off - Leave a place) doesn't mention the metaphorical usage: 'He only stuck to the point for 90 seconds, before going off on one of his digressions' - where it does (sort of) mean 'leave a place', but (as often: 'Where are you going with this?', 'I've lost my thread'...) something mental becomes, metaphorically, something spatial.

    I agree that students often need to do their own research before asking a teacher, but I hesitate to say 'Look at our list' before making sure that that list will answer the student's question.


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    Re: go off

    When talking about something, GO OFF means to explode

    For example, The fireworks didn't go off when they were supposed to
    There was a bomb in the duilding, but it didn't go off.

    Since go off means explode, I think we can use it - like expolde - to show emotional reaction

    For example, The boss exploded when he heard of the resignation of
    the secretary

    I hope I answered your question

    You can wait for other answers

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    Re: go off

    Thank you very much to all of you.

    Thank you for mentioning about the phrasal verbs' list.

    I knew about it and used it, besides looked up other

    dictionaries. Then I didn't find out what I was looking for,

    I made questions.

    However, to avoid the repetition of former questions,

    I will be more careful before I ask questions.

    I am deeply thankful for all people who gave me

    answers and useful information.


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