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    uncountable countable nouns?

    My biggest challenge in the English language is to understand when and how to use the indefinite article. I know that I need to use the indefinite article for a single noun that is countable. But some of the nouns are not really countable, but still require the indefinite article in front of them. For example...

    an education
    an environment
    a phenomenon
    a [fiduciary] duty
    a conflict [of interest]
    a [full] disclosure
    a majority
    a breach [of the duty]
    a demand
    a right [to inspect]
    an asset

    How do I know whch noun require the indefinite article if it is not really countable?

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    Re: uncountable countable nouns?

    I don't understand. You give examples of countable nouns e.g.
    a phenomenon/phenomena
    a [fiduciary] duty /duties
    a conflict [of interest] /conflicts
    a [full] disclosure/disclosures
    a majority /majorities

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