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    Oral activity: a fun last class.

    I'm having my last class with my post-graduates student this week.

    They've been asking to watch a movie for a while but we've already watched one this term, so I'm kind of against the idea.

    The thing is, it's the last class (I teach them oral) so I don't really want to do something overly complex and I don't want to start something too big either.

    Any ideas of what worked for you?


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    Re: Oral activity: a fun last class.

    Why don't you show a TV program, and make it into an exercise? For example:

    • You could do the usual scene by scene with comprehension questions, which works.

    • You could watch a scene with the sound off, and speculate as to the situation and conversation, perhaps even allowing the students to right a short dialogue and perform it.

    • You could do the opposite, and cover half the screen, which would then force students to carefully listen to the conversation to fill in the missing pieces.

    • You could cover the whole screen and do the same.

    These are only a few ideas I've tried in various classes. I usually don't use movies because of their length. However, TV programs work very well because each scene is a comfortable five minutes. If the students miss something in a TV program, you can easily play the scene more than once.

    Good luck with the last class!

    Chris Cotter
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