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  1. erika ortega

    lexcial density

    Support in working out the lexcial density of the following material would be greatly appreciated.

    TheLeaning tower of Pisa
    My name is Le Sanito. I lived in Italy. I built La Torre Pendente D Pisa, The Leanin Tower of Pisa.
    I was born in 1153 and started working on the tower in 1173 when I was 20.
    The days were very long. The tower was being made out of white marble. The white marble was very heavy. When the first 3 levels were built something very strange happened the tower started sinking.
    I stopped on the tower for a while. I just couldn't believe after 3 levels it started sinking. Now the tower was lwaning it was harder to work on but it was still beautiful. I thought it was one of the most beautiful places in the world with the baptistery and church next to the tower. I died in 1209 the tower wasn't finished and was leaning more than ever.

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    Re: lexcial density

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