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Thread: lexcial density

  1. erika ortega

    lexcial density

    Support in working out the lexcial density of the following material would be greatly appreciated.

    TheLeaning tower of Pisa
    My name is Le Sanito. I lived in Italy. I built La Torre Pendente D Pisa, The Leanin Tower of Pisa.
    I was born in 1153 and started working on the tower in 1173 when I was 20.
    The days were very long. The tower was being made out of white marble. The white marble was very heavy. When the first 3 levels were built something very strange happened the tower started sinking.
    I stopped on the tower for a while. I just couldn't believe after 3 levels it started sinking. Now the tower was lwaning it was harder to work on but it was still beautiful. I thought it was one of the most beautiful places in the world with the baptistery and church next to the tower. I died in 1209 the tower wasn't finished and was leaning more than ever.

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    Re: lexcial density

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