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    What is the best way of how to remember when propositions of, for in or on needs to be used?

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    Re: Prepositions

    My suggestions (non-teacher):

    1. Do - Do a lot of exercises on prepositions.
    2. Read - Cultivate the reading habit. Correct grammar and prepositions will come naturally.
    3. Listen - Watch TV especially news in English.

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    Re: Prepositions

    Prepositions pre-position logically the words that follow them. Here's the best I can do with explaining the prepositions you have listed. You might find better explanations on the web if you enter these words, including the quotation marks and the spaces.

    "prepositions" "kinds" "time" "location" "ownership" "of" "for" "on" "in"

    of (belonging to)
    the car of my mom
    the anthem of the United States
    the oceans of the world

    for (will be given to a certain person or used in a certain way)
    a present for her sister
    potatoes for dinner
    a part for the car

    on (placed above something, touching it)
    the book on the table
    the saddle on the horse
    a bird on a fence

    in (placed inside something)
    a toy in a box
    a turtle in the pond
    soup in the pan

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