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    not get off

    Hi dear friends
    I need some examples concerning the use of " not get off".
    I have some other questions concerning two ideomatic expressions:
    1)loose track of time.
    2)Keep your fingers crossed.
    I just need some more examples to get a better idea of when to use them correctly.
    Thanks so much in advance.

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    Re: not get off

    You'll have to be more specific on what exactly you want concerning not to get off as there are several meanings

    get off
    to leave a bus, train, aircraft, or boat
    She got off the train and ran towards him

    (sb) off (sth)
    to avoid being punished for something that you have done wrong,

    She was charged with fraud, but her lawyer managed to
    get her off.

    for further examples you should have a look there

    as for
    1)to lose track of time

    She's lost track of the number of times he's asked her to lend him money.

    2)Keep your fingers crossed

    We're keeping our fingers crossed for a anthology.

    hope this helps.
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