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    Called a check ?


    I read the following sentence in a book. I feel that the phrase ‘a check’ should be replaced with ‘check’. Will that be okay? Please give a brief explanation.

    ‘This written instrument is, of course, called a check.’



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    Re: Called a check ?

    Hello MG,

    Usually, proper names do not need to be preceded by an article, after "call", while ordinary singular nouns do. Thus:

    1. The cat is called Absalom.
    2. This part of the car is called the steering wheel.
    3. This bird is called a black-headed gull.


    4. These birds are called black-headed gulls.

    — no article in the plural.

    5. This part of the cat is called its nose.

    — "its" replaces article.

    (I expect I've forgotten some other aspects of "call" + article; with luck another poster will think of them.)

    Best wishes,

    Not a professional ESL teacher.

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