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Thread: Stakeholding?

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    I'm wondering about the meaning of the word "stakeholding" in the following extract:

    The family was not simply the sum of the connections created by a large, extended set of relations ... a family ... was a name, a material and symbolic patrimony, and a form of stakeholding in America ... describing a total lineage, past, present and future.

    Eric Homberger , Mrs. Astor's New York

    The extract is not from Hombergers text, but from a teen novel, "Blue Bloods" by Melissa de la Cruz.

    There seems to be some kind of "stakeholder theory" in the corporate world, but I don't see the relevans. Or does it have to do with "putting down stakes" or something similar ... ?

    I'd appreciate any comment ... a synonym, perhaps ... ?

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    Re: Stakeholding?

    It relates to stakeholding in a company. It is saying that they have an interest in the country's future by settling there.


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