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    Need advice on improving writing style


    I am a non-native English speaker and need some tips on improving my professional writing style. My job involves writing analysis of various economic and financial events and my career growth is in jeopardy as my writing style is not as professional as my English speaking colleagues.

    To explain you about my level of English writing, I have easily passed exams like TOEFL and IELTS, and comfortable with different grammar rules.

    My problem is I get stuck with sentences which I have never constructed before. I donít understand how to explain a situation in sentences that are easy to understand but donít sound awkward.

    As for my efforts to improve my writing, I have tried two methods:
    1. Writing a page on some topic everyday.
    2. Noting down unfamiliar sentence constructions in whatever I read.

    The problem I found with the first method is the review of what I write. I donít know anybody who can review my writing for me everyday.

    With respect to the second method, I have collected 70-80 pages of unfamiliar/ new sentence constructions so far ( in a Word document). However, I donít know how to leverage this database. I canít read all of it in one setting, and just use the collection to look up for examples.

    Could you suggest me some methods that can help me in improving my professional writing?



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    Re: Need advice on improving writing style

    You can always post your writing in "Writing and Editing Topics" and ask for advice. If you do, keep it to a reasonable length as reading long texts on a screen is exhausting.

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