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    How does one add those little tags to a thread? That obviously would be extremely helpful in finding old threads on the same issue.

    Second question: when one has tagged a thread, say with 'modals', can they then be all viewed at one time with some method or other?

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    Re: Tags

    Hi riverkid

    Many thanks for raising the subject.

    I've never used them before, but the way you appear to add them is via a dialogue box, just above the "quick reply" area at the bottom of your posting. Over on the right of the box, there's an "edit tags" link. Click on that and it enabled me to add 2 tags to your post.

    To retrieve tagged items, you can click on the "tags" link in the "what's happening table on the left of the screen.

    Hope this helps.


    PS You can also retrieve postings related to the tags concerned by just clicking on the approrpiate tag attached to the posting.
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    Re: Tags

    Thanks for taking the time to help this old fool, NT. I have to admit tho' that I figured it out after a time. Regardless, I appreciate it.


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