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  1. Marina_08

    Question "Center for" or "Center"

    Could you please help me.
    Is there any rules regulating usage of the word "center" in a name of an organization?
    For example which one is more correct:
    Center for Identification Systems
    Identification System Center?

    The Center is a public enterprise dealing with software development and research.

    Thank you!

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    Re: "Center for" or "Center"

    Identification System Center

    It is odd for me to say: Center for Identification Systems

    But it is quite good to say for example: The National Center for Identification Systems.

    Usually, when you have a noun or adjective that comes before the word Center, you can use the "Center for" construction. If the center comes alone it would be more convenient to put the word "center" at the end.

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    Re: "Center for" or "Center"

    I would only use 'Center for' with an official organisation.

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