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    Lightbulb suggestions

    i'm teaching conversation/listening course this summer & I need some suggestions on how to improve my students' language skills!! your cooperation is highly appreciated.

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    Re: suggestions

    These sites are wonderful

    How to Improve Conversation Skills

    Conversation Skills

    You can teach them (1) vowel musicality through minimal pairs and sets

    minimal pairs: set - pet / big - pig / pin - bin / ferry - very

    minimal sets: feel - fell - fall - fuel - fool - fill - foal - full - file - foul
    boot - but - beet - bout - bat - bit - bite - bet - boat

    (2) word/sentence stress: present -v present -n

    (3) intonation (rising/faling) ..etc

    Wish you all the best

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    Re: suggestions

    Hi post-student,

    Good luck with the classes. What level of students will you teach? Will it be more conversation focused, or will you primarily deal with pronunciation?

    I've written an article on speaking, which you can find here:

    Speaking English Well

    You may also want to check out the following sites. The first I stumbled across last week, and it has with a list of discussion activities. The second has a lot of useful articles and ideas.

    Discussion Techniques
    ELT Notebook

    Best of luck!

    Chris Cotter
    Just print and teach materials at Heads Up English.
    And now, you can follow updates at Twitter, too!

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