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    what does the author mean?

    Hello everyone,

    I'd like to ask what the author means by saying "Discovering the nature and signicance of orbs clearly surpasses the sum of the orbs’ compo­nents" in the following context:

    Discovering the nature and signicance of orbs clearly surpasses the sum of the orbs’ compo­nents. Orbs cast a new light on the philosophical/spiritual/scientic realization that “All is One.” In this expanded way of looking at real­ity, our diverse ndings are fundamentally congruent. The presenta­tion of our views and ndings in this separate format allows you, the reader, to experience rsthand this synergism of the theological/ scientic and scientic/theological frames.

    To be exact I can't understand the second part of the sentence in relation to the first part of the sentence, i.e. how 'discovering the nature and signicance of orbs' can surpass 'the sum of orbs' component'?

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    Re: what does the author mean?

    think of a jigsaw puzzle, with all its pieces. Then put the pieces together by their cut-out shapes and by their colour. Then, say, it is only when the jigsaw is complete that you realize what the jigsaw is a picture of.

    'orbs' have components
    put them together like jigsaw pieces
    then "Discovering the nature and significance of orbs" is like suddenly recognizing the full picture, the whole thing, now that all the components are in place, together.

    But oh, dear. It sounds sooooooooo metaphysical....or meta-something.


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