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    Please Answer!

    Good afternoon!

    Well, I am Carla and I'm studing english at a teaching course. I have to do an assigment but I can not find any information. And I wonder if you can help a bit.
    I've never use this web site so I don't know how it works. I leave my email address [email deleted for security]
    This assigment is about phonetics and pronunciation, and the things I find difficult to do are:
    alternative pronunciation for the suffix - able because most for words with this suffix are pronounced with schwa.
    I'm look forward to hearing from you.!
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    Re: Please Answer!

    It is not safe to post your email address on an open forum, so I have deleted it. If you register, people can send you personal messages and you can also be notified of replies.

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    Re: Please Answer!

    Click on the links below.

    From -ible - Wiktionary
    Usage notes
    In general, forms derived from Latin verbs of the second, third, and fourth conjugations take -ible, as well as a few words whose roots end in a soft c or g. All other words take -able, particularly words from the Latin first conjugation, words that evolved through French, and words from Anglo-Saxon.

    Fowler, in his English Usage, recommends using -ible for simplicity in spelling with any verb whose root ends in a soft c or g (such as changible vs. changeable), but this recommendation has generally not been followed.

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