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    1-A leader of men, a great sportsman, a man of honour came to me.
    2-A leader of men, a great sportsman and a man of honour came to me.

    Is it sure that in 1, only one person came to me and in 2 three people came to me or are both sentences ambiguous as to the number of the people that came to me?

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    Re: ambiguity

    As far as I'm concerned, the two sentences are different:

    1. Appositive: different words or phrases describe one person (or thing)

    2. Conjuction: (AND) tells that the speaker talks about three different people

    I hope I helped you

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    Re: ambiguity

    Without further context, I feel both are ambiguous. The use of "and" could be stylistic and not indicative of number, unless there is something else to say so.

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    Re: ambiguity

    Understand that someone doesn't just come up to another person/group and say these words. There is a context, or a conversaation.
    They are the sort of words said at an award or tribute ceremony honouring someone - so it would be clear we are talking about one person. Also, just who are you that the listener would imagine that three great people would trot along to see you ..."came to me." Even one is stretching credulity, unless your famous yourself, or royalty -so there are cues/acontext in that way also.

    At rock bottom, there would be some conversation leading to this: "I've had a hectic round of entertaining this month. Last Thursday alone, a leader of men, a great sportsman, and a man of honour all came to (see) me."

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