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    decide or decides ?

    "What if one of the bulls decide to drop in?"

    Do you think this sentence is okay in grammar? But, in my opinion, I think the right one would be: "What if one of the bulls decides to drop in?"
    Because L said "one of the bulls", not "bulls", we should use "decides" instead of "decide". This is my opinion, how do you think?
    Thanks for your help.

    M: I found our access to the infirmary building, but I'm gonna need some time to make it work.
    L: How much time?
    M: Enough for me to find my way up a 20-foot vertical drainpipe without using a ladder. I'll probably need to skip P.I. tomorrow if I wanna get this thing done.
    L: You can't just skip it. It ain't class. What if one of the bulls decide to drop in?
    M: Well, I don't have a choice, do I? ...

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    Re: decide or decides ?

    Grammatically, yes.
    But what nationality is L? They are saying 'gunna' 'wanna' and 'ain't', so don't expect good grammar from them!
    Put 'man' at the end of the sentence and I can hear Ali G talking.

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