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    (Ver 2) Last, lastly, finally, eventually, end

    Difficulty ratings: *****

    I would like to know if I am correct in understanding the following:
    [I have done a better comparison table for easy reading purpose. Please feel free to download a document at]

    At (long) last
    Last of all
    Last but not least
    In the last place
    In the end
    At the end

    To mean in the last point/place
    - last(adv)
    - last of all
    - last but not least --> means the last point which is no less important than all others
    - lastly
    - finally
    - in the last place

    Refering to something happens after a long time,
    At (long) last
    In the end

    Refering to the point where something finishes, or reaches to the edge,
    At the end (of something)

    Other meanings which haven't mentioned in the above
    - the final person/thing/time etc. (eg I arrived last in the race. What a shame! I should end myself; I last saw him in July)

    Thanks a lot.

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    What a shame! I should end myself

    kill myself?

    In the last place - I'd say 'in last place'.


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