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    Lightbulb Reading


    all teachers here in Germany give their students the advice to read, read, read …

    My problem with reading is the following:

    When I start to read a Book in English I often have the feeling I do not really understand what I am reading about and that’s the reason why it is boring and why I give up …

    I tried every kind of literature, thriller, detective stories, classics but nothing works really.

    I often think my vocabulary is too weak, but I do not have problems with reading articles.
    Sometimes I think it is my requirement to understand/read a book in a foreign language in the same way as a book in my mother tongue.

    Which books are good/easy to read?
    Do you think it is better to read “love stories” “children books” etc. instead of reading nothing?
    Do you have any good advice how to find the right books?
    Do you have any good advice how to improve my reading skills?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Re: Reading

    Read books that fits your level of English. In order to build up your vocabulary you should read slowly and with concentration. It is not the same as reading a book in your mother tongue, at least if you are not advanced or profiency.

    It often helps to have an audio book, and listen to the book while you are reading it.

    I think you know the Penguin books, which offer different levels? Digital Publishing offers books together with a CD and a CD-Rom in various levels (A2-B2).

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