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    [OT?][ver2]Where get Free websites, forums; websites for Eng

    Updated - ver 2

    [OT?]Where get Free websites, forums; websites for English
    I would like to apply for a website (to try to run my homepage for the first time) which possesses the following
    [more stars means more important. Just try your best to satisfy all my requirements (if possible)]:
    - *****free of charge (because it's the first time to make a good website; I would like to practise first!!)

    - *high MB storage (10-20+MB) [PS: not really sure whether it is enough. I think it will be a text-and-picture website. Probably no animation/movie. And have some text-based things to download (eg *.doc)]

    - **if possible, no limitation on data transfer. If not, maybe 1GB/month... [PS: not too sure. Maybe you can suggest a reasonable good limit]

    - **if possible, no limitation on no. of visitors. If not, maybe 10,000 hits / month... [PS: not too sure. Maybe you can suggest a reasonable good limit]

    - ****permit using FTP
    - ***can frequently update the content of webste easily
    (since the info on the website needs to be updated freqeuntly, it will be very great if the website allows me to update easily, or they porvide something to facilitate the update process)

    - *if possible, no limitation on upload of file size, type etc. If not, prefer max. 10MB; not to ban *.zip; etc.
    [PS: Maybe you can suggest a reasonable good limit]

    - *popups/advertistments are ok unless they are very annoying to visitors.

    - or any other good function you can think of

    Some more notes:
    - I know some offer free websites with quite great functions, but assessment is needed in applying for a website. Does anyone know if it is hard to pass so? (because I'm just a novice at making website, it is just my first time to make a good website)
    - I'm from Hong Kong. But some applications have restrictions geograhically. So these will not be suitable for me.

    Any recommendation?

    Does anyone know where to register for a forum with good functions?
    (try to recommend any you think is good. Thanks a lot!!)

    3. Do you know if there is any other good places for:
    - online Eng dictionaries (which have detailed definition, examples, suggested sentence format/pattern)
    - Eng forums

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    You want it all for free. Web hosting can be pretty expensive if you want high bandwidth, high storage capacity etc.


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