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Thread: Gender in EFL

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    Gender in EFL

    Is gender taught in EFL courses, and if so, at which level?? thanks

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    Re: Gender in EFL

    What aspects of gender are you referring to? One cannot avoid teaching he/she/it from the very beginning.

    Gender roles can be an interesting topic for discussion.

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    Wink Re: Gender in EFL

    As pointed out by my colleague, gender in language is unavoidable and I find considerable mistakes are made by speakers of languages which only have one single word for he or she (such as Chinese which has the same sound, but different character).

    Attached here is a little exercise I give to my students to show that gender is not just a matter of pronoun changes. Read through the account and then re-write the passage changing the first word to She... I think you will have to rethink some of the items.
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