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    Australian spelling system

    Hello. does any1 know whether Australia have thier own spelling system of whether they abide wholeheartedly by British spelling? I've been told that Australian spelling is predominantly British but has recently given in to US influence too. I recently discovered an Austrailian text however which spells 'flavoursome' as 'flavoursom' which I don't think is English or American is it? Any help would be greatly appreciated Also, what language did Native Americans speak before thye British invasions? Ive been told there were loads and loads, most of them now non existent, but any extra info on that topic wud rly help.

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    Re: Australian spelling system

    From Australian English - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Australian spelling is usually the same as British spelling, with only a few exceptions. The Macquarie Dictionary is generally used by publishers, schools, universities and governments as the standard spelling reference. Well-known differences to British spelling include: read more here ...
    See also Australian spelling


    From flavoursom UK - Google Search
    Fell in love with them in Oz [Australia] and am so glad to find somewhere in the Uk ... Nothing like those sickly sweet Bounty bars, much more moist and flavoursom. ...
    See also Search flavoursom

    Note, flavoursom could be a spelling error.


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    Smile Re: Australian spelling system

    thanks soup!

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    Re: Australian spelling system

    I know that flavoursom is not the American spelling, if that helps. Also, there were thousands of american indian languages, with three language groups having the largest number of speakers: Uto-Aztecan, Nadene, and Algic, in that order.

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