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    Unhappy Questions about usage of THERE IS/ THERE ARE No more +plural nouns

    I am an ALT, english assistant language teacher. I work in Japan. One Japanese teacher asked me what is the different btw "Since there was no questions, ....." & "Since there were no more questions". Anyone can help giving me the explanation?

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    These are existential-there (also called dummy or empty subject constructions). The word there functions as the structural subject, but not the semantic one, which is why it is called 'existential/dummy/empty': it doesn't contribute meaning to the sentence:

    1. Since there was no questions, ...
    2. Since there were no more questions [asked], ...
    => No more questions were asked, ... <object>

    The subject questions is plural.

    I was an ALT in Japan, too--for 6 years, though.

    Note, English is always capitalized.

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