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    Grammar Questions(error identification)

    There may be mistake in A,B or C.It's possible that there's no mistake:

    1.A.Meteorologists B.forecasted stormy weather C.with bright intervals for tomorrow.
    2.When the A.newly married couple first visited Paris,Henry B.bought his bride a camera and C.explained her how to use it.
    3.A.The nature is highly conservative:when she hits on a good trick B.for performing some function,she uses it again and again C.throughout evolution.
    4.We insisted they A.signed a contract B.that C.would gives us some sort of security.
    5.In the end,we decided to tell him the truth A.despite it could prove be dangerous because C.any crazy idea could rush into his head.
    6.Over the decades,psychologists have managed build maps of brain,showing roughly what B.goes on there, but they have never been able to capture the processes of the brain where the wonders of mind C.are to be found.
    7.A.With completing the B.question-and-answer session,the speaker C.concluded his talks.
    8.In A.a society becoming actualy aware of its B.impact on the environment,the views of the next generetion becoming more important.
    9.The government A.seems adamant B.about keeping restrictions C.that diminish profits.
    10.The leader of the opposition party A.has already warned that B.a too tight budget would be C.madness.
    11.A.Long exposure loud noise can impair your C.hearing.

    My guesses:1.B.forecast
    2.No error
    4.No error
    5.A.even though
    6.B.going on
    7.C.will have concluded
    8.C.are becoming ot become(I'm not sure)
    9.No error
    10.No error
    11.No error

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    Re: Grammar Questions(error identification)

    My guesses:1.B.forecast - I agree
    2.No error - ....explained to her (her is an accusative pronoun here and it is preceded by a preposition to link the action (explaining) with the accusative (her)
    3.A.nature - I agree
    4.No error - ...sign a contract B.that C.would give us (would (a modal) is followed by the infinitive form of a word e.g. would sit, would talk, would eat; here 'would' is used as the past equivalent of will to indicate probability; and if you use 'will' it is also followed by the inifinitive.
    5.A.even though - or although
    6.B.going on - no 'goes on' is correct; only error is that it should say maps of the brain
    7.C.will have concluded - After completing - the rest is correct as far as I am aware
    8.C.are becoming ot become(I'm not sure) - yes, change the 'is' to 'are' because it is referring to 'views' (plural); as for the first part of the sentence 'In A.a society becoming actualy aware of its B.impact on the environment', I really don't understand the meaning to help you, sorry.
    9.No error - I agree
    10.No error - that too tight a budget - not sure of the rule though
    11.No error - I agree

    I hope I've been of some help

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    Re: Grammar Questions(error identification)

    #4 I would say that "signed" is acceptable, and agree that it should be "would give us"; the alternative is "..that gives us..."

    #7 With the question and answer session....

    #8 ... are becoming...

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