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    Can you please tell me the difference between past simple and present perfect and past perfect tence.

    Thank you

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    Re: hi

    Past simple.

    I opened the door. (Referring to something which happened at a point in the past.)

    Past perfect simple.

    I opened the door, but he had gone. (Referring to something which happened before something else in the past.)

    Present perfect.

    He has gone. (Referring to something which happened at an unspecified point in the past.)

    I'm not a teacher.

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    Re: hi

    usually when you use Simple past, you use or you have in the sentence words like yesterday, at ten o'clock-you know when the action took place. Perfect is used "since", yet,never,ever....when something happened in the past and you can see the cause nowadays-it links somehow the future and the past:ex: I've broken my arm.-You've broken it and right now it tdoesn't work properly.Past perfect is generally used when any action took place before a second one (in the past)-I had broken my arm, but I went to my doctor and wright now it's o.k. Why don't you check your grammar book?


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