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    1. I would like to know why the next passage is funny.
    2. I would like to know why the delivery girl said "birthday or anniversary?"

    I read about one lady who, when she turned fifty, wore a button at her work place that said, "Fifty is nifty." All day she got lots of compliments with people saying things like, "Anita, you don't look 50," "Why, Anita, you can't be 50," and "We all know you're not 50."
    She knew they were kidding but she loved it. However, the more she heard the lies, the more she believed them. On her way home she got to thinking, I think I need a new husband. At 51 he's much too old for a young looking gal like me.
    As she arrived home from work, a young girl from the florist shop was delivering a beautiful floral arrangement with a note that said, "Birthday flowers from a friend."
    Seeing the "Fifty is Nifty" button on Anita's dress, the girl said, "Oh, 50, eh?"
    "Yes," Anita said as she waited for one more compliment about looking so young when the delivery girl said, "Fifty. That's great! Birthday or anniversary?"

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    Re: Fifty/Nifty

    It made me giggle!

    She was so tickled pink (because of the lies she had been hearing all day long) that she came to forget her real looks. They all were joking and being nice to her, telling her that she looked much younger.

    Now, the delivery girl was the one who told the naked true (even though she didn't mean to be rude). She asked her "Birthday or Anniversary" because she tought she looked old enough as to have been married for fifty years, which would imply her being 70 or older.

    I'm not a teacher, but I hope I have made myself clear.


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