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    Business English

    HI my name is Jadon I'm currently writing an Business letter
    but I'm not quite sure if the letter is written correctly.
    I can't publish it here so my question is if i can pm someone here who can correct it?

    Best regards

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    Re: Business English

    Welcome to the forums.

    You can post it and then delete the thread when you have had an answer. Or choose someone to PM - but that way you may not get an answer!

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    Smile Re: Business English

    Dear Sirs: Thank very much your this useful website. I just registered today, I hope to learn and share my English Writing. I have the role in my office to write English business letter, informs, resumes and others. Many times my thougths do not come easy to write down as I would like, so it's in my native language.

    My best Regards


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