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    ''hand out'' or ''enforce''?

    "... penalties for those caught mass-producing and selling illegally produced DVDs remains the same ... a $1 million fine and five years' imprisonment. That's a hefty punishment, but is it ever handed out? "

    please, does the underlined expression mean "enforced" or "put into practice" in this sentence?


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    Re: ''hand out'' or ''enforce''?

    Good guess! You're right; In this situation hand out means to enforce.

    I guess another way to say it would be: Is the punishment ever given?
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    Re: ''hand out'' or ''enforce''?

    Understand that such fines are 'a maximum', usual phrased as :

    These offences attract a maximum fine of $60500 and up to 5 years in ...

    A maximum fine of $250000 applies to each offence, except violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which carry a maximum fine of $500000. ...

    Such maximum fines might be handed out for some commercial bootleg operation turning out thousands of pirated copies per week; whereas someone copying a DVD and giving it to a friend might possibly be given a caution by the police and it never go to court. If it did, then the fine might be $250.

    It is the LAW against breaches of copyright which is enforced by charging offenders and taking them to court. Penalties/fines are then handed out', and the severity depends on the degree to which the law is being breached, as stated above.


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