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    Thumbs up Ending sentences with the proper part of speech

    Can a sentence end with the word "for?" For example, "The necklace will appeal to others besides just the person it was designed for." Is "for" a prepositon? And should sentences only end with certain parts of speech, like a noun or verb?

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    Re: Ending sentences with the proper part of speech

    There was a time, not so long ago, in this galaxy, when native speakers were taught that it was a crime to end a sentence with a preposition.

    Modern day scrutiny of all things sacred has unearthed another fallacy. This 'grammatical rule', (rather than being based on some arcane linguistic rule and by sacred trust handed down to us, via such worthy hands as Chaucer and Shakespeare) arose because some obsessional religious minister wrote a grammar book, and thought dangling prepositions looked untidy!.

    Yes. We all can. We are free of that fetter.
    Secretly, it has been a day we all wished for.

    Anyone else have a preposition they'd like to dangle?

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