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    Smile Us vs We

    I have been tasked with the following question.

    Which statement is grammatically correct

    "this exit is for us"


    "this exit is for we"

    Please help me with this one it is worth a purse

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    Re: Us vs We


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    Re: Us vs We

    Before we all rush in, consider the grammar of these sentences:

    This exit is intended for we of the nobility who are so entitled.
    Who is it intended for?

    For them of the nobility who are thus entitled.
    For they of the nobility who are thus entitled.

    hmmm....interesting what?
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    Re: Us vs We

    After the to be verb ("is" in this example) you must use "us".

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    Re: Us vs We

    Please take a look a this:

    • "WE" is a subject pronoun, and it always goes before a verb.

    We are teachers.
    We teach English.

    The Verbs in this care are "are" and "teach". Subject pronoun "WE" precedes them in both sentences above.

    • "US" is an object pronoun. It gives more meaning about the verb in the sentence. It is a direct object of a verb so it is normally goes after the verb.

      Example: They like us very much.

      And other case, it goes after prepositions.

      Example: He usually buys meat from us.
      Or This exit is for us.
    Have a great day!


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