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    Please some one correct my writing

    my qestion

    You have an English friend called Lee. You are both going to another friend’s birthday party next week.

    Write an e-mail to Lee. In your e-mail, you should

    · Say how you will get there
    · Suggest you go together
    · Ask him for advice about a present.

    Write 35-45 on your answer sheet.

    my writing

    Dear Lee

    We will go to friend’s birthday party next week by car. I would like to go with you to party and make interesting there with friend’s.
    I advice with we going to him party and buy quitter for him .


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    I'm going to the party by taxi- why don't we go together and share it? By the way, have you got any ideas for a present I could get for her?



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    sir if you can give me a nice Suggest
    and a nice advice about a present


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    Helllllllllllllllo some one here give me suggest or advice about present

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