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    Q. Is education important?

    Generally, education teaches you everything you haven't learnt or gain in your life. Some people think that education is not important and experience is much more worthed than it. On the other hand, there are people who believe that by giving good education to anyone, it will help them a lot. However, there are no fine answer on this case and both arguements might be considered allright. Honestly, I think education is quite important in our life, especially for those who have blank mind and unemployed. In this case, I didn't say that education is necessary, but indeed experience is a good way to improve your self.

    Basically, education is a way of giving knowledge to anyone who deserves to get it. Good education and examples may help them a lot, especially if they tell them in details or more specific. Moreover, educated people are usually behave politely and think carefully, instead of uneducated people who think instantly and do anything without any regret. Some people think luck is the answer of success, indeed, people with education and luck would maximise their happiness and successness to the top. Furthermore, experience is also the key to be succeed, because by experiencing something, you will definetely gain the mistake and learn the past.

    In brief, I think education is important in the role of life. If will definetely help you in life, whether in your career, prospective, and goals.

    *Please check my essay.


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    Re: Education

    I have spotted some mistakes from your essay.Although it is great and impressive.
    I would like to say well done friend and keep imporving your writing.

    Have a nice time and take care

    much more worthed than it.
    much more worth than eduction.

    who believe that by giving dood eduction.
    who believe in giving a good eduction.

    answer on this case and both agruements
    answer to this case and both eduction and experience.


    answer of success.
    answer to success


    the key to be succeed.
    the key to be successful or the key to succeed in.


    gain the mistake and learn the past.
    correct the mistakes and learn from the past.

    If will definetely help
    It will definitely help

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