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    Cloze Test

    Choose the most suitable word:

    New York-an exhibition conceived as a low-key affair turns out to be a major event that reshapes out approach to the art involved.The show, called 'The Royal City of Susa', starts 4000 B.C. and ends with the dynasty, which 1.(reigned,led,rules,dictated) the first Empire.Susa became one of the three empire capitals after having been the capital of Elam.Excavated by the French during much of the 20th century, its palatial 2.(remnants,rests,remains,remainder) and objects d'art were massively carted off to the Louvre.The idea of displaying in New York the best of the collection came to a curator at the Metropolitan Museum, when she realized during a visit to the Louvre in 1989 that the objects would be out of sight for years while the Louvre renovation goes on.Unwillingly the Louvre gave the go-ahead.How Elamite culture 3.(converges,submerges,emerges,merges) is unknown.Its early third-millennium sculpture has a brutish primitivism that markedly differentiates it from the art of neighbouring Sumer.The ultimate masterpiece is 4.(revealed,uncovered,disclosed,demonstrated) to the public for the first time.The tiny seashell sculpture only 9.4 cemtimetres high, is easily missed.A woman stands, hands 5.(clasped,fastened,grasped,gripped) in prayer, a figure of timeless dignity in her long robes, with a drape falling over her left shoulder. Indeed she 6.(conveys,carries,bears,impresses) a striking resemblance to the life-size statue of Queen Napir-Asu cast in the bronze in the 14th century B.C.The heavy silhouette of an older woman stands similarity in the attitide of deferential attention observed 7.(to these days,to this day,till present day,to present day) in the Iranian world.Now missing its head, it was 8.(retraced,returned,restored,recovered) from the ruins of a temple.Little is known about the mataphysics that 9.(lays,has laid,is lying,lies) behind the deep religious feeling exhuding from the figure in prayer.Seen in the 10.(prospective,prospect,perspective,respect) of cultural history, the greatest mystery of all concerns the merging of Elam into the Iranian entity in the making.It must have been a gradual process started long before the setting up of the empire.

    My answers:1-ruled;2-remains;3-emerges;4-revealed;5-clasped;6-bears;7-to present day;8-restored;9-lies;10-perspective

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    Re: Cloze Test

    7 To this day

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