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    It is important to have arrangement of desks and chairs in an ESL or EFL is you would want the learners and teachers within close proximity of each other. Learners can answer at a comfortable volume which will enhance student participation. Here are some examples of what will be in my classroom sitting arrangement:
    1. I would make an early decision regarding the seating arrangement of my classroom. If possible, I should make up my mind at the beginning of the academic year. Arrange desks in rows as it helps to minimize the disturbance and provides a simple order of seating to the classroom. Windows and corridors are usually an obstacle in the learners' attention. I will make sure that the seating arrangement does not face windows and corridors.
    2. Wide pathways between desks to prevent mess around the class. It leads to disturbances, for example students chattering to close by class fellows. I would a arrange desks and chairs thoughtfully leaving sufficient distance between them. This way I will be able to observe all the students equally.
    3. Arrangement of Proper Storage in Classroom this way stationery items and text supplies in an easily accessible placed. I can use extra room for this purpose and use labeled boxes or containers to keep these supplies in the classroom if itís not big enough. It facilitates cleaning of at the end of class and it will lead to a cluster free classroom where all the furniture is carefully placed and serves its purpose.
    A properly arranged classroom is very important as it plays a crucial role in students' learning and development. A good set up of classroom furniture can help student's focus on their studies while an uncomfortable and clustered classroom can distract them and lead to problems in the class.
    Here is an example of learning activities for which the traditional classroom seating arrangement is the most appropriate that are use today in ordinarily classrooms.
    1. For me the best seating arrangement is where both I and students need to be able to move around the classroom for various activities. There are several alternatives to the traditional rows of chairs separated by aisles. The semi circle is one of the easiest to work with and allows for easy movement between seats and the whiteboard, for example, I would want to rearrange the studentís seats for a particular activity. The desk together makes it easy for all students to cluster to see each other and to discuss. A cluster is not good for the test because students can easily cheat off each other. Cluster can be a disadvantage to the teacher when giving direct instruction because students may not be oriented towards them. Students may have their back to the teacher and not be focused to the front of the room.
    Two types of learning activities which is most appropriate would be students in two short rows and students sitting in a circle. The student sitting in a semi-circle and students in a circle is most appropriate is that it allows the teacher to be able to see all the students in the classroom. Group discussions happen with the desks set up this way. Teacher led discussions are easily started when the desks are arranged in a circle or semicircle. All the students are able to see the blackboard and the teacher, as well as each other. But on other had students sitting in a circle arrangement would be ideal for community-based classroom management other than sitting in a semi-circle because the ownership for maintaining the learning environment is shared between me and the students. Depending on the focus of the assignment, the circle arrangement may or may not allow the students to work easily with each other. For example, if the assignment was for the students to work with a partner, this arrangement would be perfect because they had someone directly next to them. If the assignment was a group project, where the students were supposed to discuss a Ďhot topicí, then a circle is not the best set up because the students would have to rearrange their desks in order to talk with each other. Me as a teacher this is how I would want to sit up my classroom arrangement.

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