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    ...herewith attached... or ... attached herewith...

    Which one is correct in writing
    Please find herewith attached my cv... or
    Please find attached herewith my cv...

    with regards,
    learner of English

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    Re: ...herewith attached... or ... attached herewith...

    The second is the one to use.

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    Re: ...herewith attached... or ... attached herewith...

    I would simply say "Please find attached" Herewith is an unnecessary word adding nothing to the sentences clarity, so get rid of it. Write what you want to say and no more. herewith is normally now only used by lawyers who are trying to justify their extra fees by using what they consider to be formal words. . It is far too formal and clumsy for English letters and suggests a lack of famiiarity with the language. I would always suspect that it is a non native speaker writing this or a person trying to impress me but in fact achieving the opposite

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