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    ** We say (Harsh/Biting/Forceful) criticism.
    What other adjectives that may well collocates with the noun "criticism" ?(suggest only those which are commonly used).

    ** what nouns might be used with the adjective "incipient"?
    eg: incipient (illness/public unrest/....

    ** How do we refer to people who are most needy,destiute? (I just want some adjectives that may well replace "desperate").
    - those who are in desperate need.

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    Re: Collocations

    *1 Sharp criticism/favourable criticism/friendly criticism

    *2 incipient storm/incipient friendship/incipient accident = anything that is about to happen can be called incipient

    *3 dire need

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    Re: Collocations

    1. criticism - constructive, scathing, severe, taunting, incisive

    3. need - urgent, pressing, crying, compelling

    not a teacher

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    Re: Collocations

    Not a teacher
    adj: bitter, fierce, harsh, heavy, serious, severe, sharp, strident, strong, trenchant, telling, adverse, damaging, damning, hostile, negative, scathing, constructive, fair, just, justtifiable, legitimate, valid, considerable, extensive, widespread, constant, basic, fundamental, main, major, substantial, minor, moderate, general, direct, explicit, outspoken, implicit, implied, indirect, fresh, growing, increasing, mounting, media, press, public,...
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    Re: Collocations

    Hi aouso2,

    There are further collocations concerning the matter in question:

    adverse criticism, damaging criticism, devastating criticism, hostile criticism, slashing criticism, sweeping criticism, unsparing criticism, violent criticism, withering criticism.

    incipient thawing, incipient stage of faver, incipient light of day, incipient tumour, incipient civil disorder, a sign of incipient madness

    acute need, crucial need



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