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    present and future

    I'm confused when to use the present tense and when to use the future tense.

    If you ask him, he'll give you the paper
    If you ask him, he gives you the paper

    Is the following correcgt?
    It's not the last day of school, just the last class
    Before the class starts, Mr. Brown says
    Mr. Bown:This is the last class
    This will be the last class

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    Re: present and future

    • The conditional "if" makes sense just with with the sentence "If you ask him he will give you the paper.....". It is something that will be done( in the future) "if" a a given requisite(ask him) is done now.
    • "It is not the last day of school, just the last class", makes perfect sense to me.
    • "This is the last class" is correct. "This will be the last class" does not sound right to me. The class is already taking place (because of the "this"),so I see no sense in the use of future.
    Note: I'm not an English teacher

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