Would you please read the following expressions and help me with the quetions in the brackets? Thanks!

1. deviate more and more from the orbit(or "farther/further and farther/further" instead of "more and more"?)
2.It behaves dramatically different from that one.(or "differently" instead of "different"?)
3. A combines with B (Can "combine" be used as an intransitive verb like this?)
4.Compare B, you'll see....(A has been mentioned before, but can "A with" after "compare" be omitted? Or can we say "compare A and B" ?)
4.Whether the sentence is just or unjust, the views among judges split.(Can "whether" introduce an adverbial clause?)
5.the information is increased(Does "increase" match "information"?)
6.As the price to pay, he was sent to jail.(The sentence simply means "he deserves the punishment", but the first part seems unnatural. Is there a better way to express it?)