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    Exact meaning of these phrases

    Hi everyone,
    I'm reading a book written by Napoleon Hill and I've come across phrases which I haven't found the clear meaning, though I've made a slight degree of hint to myself of the phrases. I'm not sure and I want your feedback of the exact meanings.

    Here are the following phrases:

    1. Reached a decision and rendered an opinion.
      My assumption: Interpretation

    2. Ways and means of conveying round to his brain without the aid of ears.
      My assumption: The best possible or appropriate way.

    3. He went into ecstasies and promptly appropriated the machines.
      My assumption: Made use of.
    4. He soon showed a preference for certain records.
      My assumption: Importance

    5. By that time he was making stabs at speaking certain words.
    6. I emphasized by giving it some new and dramatic colouring each time it was told.
      My assumption: Clear expression.

    Thank you all for your help. UE is a haven for English learning seekers

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    Re: Exact meaning of these phrases

    1 Formed an opinion
    2 Any/all ways
    3 Quickly took control of
    4 Showed which records he preferred
    5 Trying to say
    6 Emotional/vivid descriptive elements

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    Re: Exact meaning of these phrases

    Many thanks for the help, Tdol.


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